Employers: Our Recruiting Process

AIM’s comprehensive search and recruiting process is the result of decades of direct recruiting experience and a highly evolved network of active and passive candidates.

We are skilled at helping our clients find very specific and hard to locate resources in a very competitive world. We pay special attention to your company’s products, processes and services and to the ever changing systems, manufacturing practices and new technologies found in a global environment.

We address your specific needs and any technical aspects of the position with every candidate we present. We do not submit inappropriate candidates for consideration.

We treat each search assignment as new and seek out new talent each and every time. The difference is while some recruiting firms only present what they have available we work hard to seek out the best and most appropriate talent aimed at solving your problem with each assignment.

A little feedback, the Director of Quality said this about you “you guys get some good candidates!” I have to agree. Thank you so much for your diligence… much appreciated!

Human Resources Top 5 Automotive Supplier

AIM took the time to get to know our business products and processes.

Dir. of Engineering, Billion dollar global manufacturer

AIM is very exact and always locates exactly what we are looking for.

Corporate Human Resources Manager, Tier One Automotive Supplier

AIM pays close attention to the job requirements and always comes through for us.

Corporate Director of Quality, Global Automotive Supplier.

AIM had a bigger impact on turning us into a World Class manufacturer than our management team!

VP Human Resources, Fortune Fifty automotive manufacturer.

AIM saves me valuable time by only presenting the best and most qualified candidates.

Director of Human Resources, Automotive Powertrain Component Manufacturer

Well Done! This is one of the many reasons I like working with AIM. A Class act above most!

Human Resources Talent Acquisition, Major Automotive Supplier

Aim treats us like we are number one. They understand our business and culture. They are on the job after hours, weekends or vacations and always have us covered.

Human Resources- Top Automotive Supplier

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